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Match Results 03/07/22

By Mike West Nailsea Bowls Club

Monday, 4 July 2022


Nailsea Bowls Club Publicity


Somerset County League

Nailsea 46 v Banwell 65

M West, T Harvey, R Griffiths, J Whitear 15-18; A Billington, M Keates, D Hole, I Blatchford 16-19; J Hall, D Clark, B Powell, D Flower 15-28.

Nailsea 50 v Winscombe "A" 65

J Hall, T Harvey, D Clark, D Flower 23-19; J Prince, D Edler, R Griffiths, J Whitear 15-19; A Billington, D Leach, D Hole, I Blatchford 12-27.

Clevedon and District over 60s league

Nailsea 63 v RBL 146

T Harvey, D Topps, R Webber 11-26; S Arthur, S Harris, J Whitear 10-22; K Westcott, T Dyer, I Blatchford 9-20; D Clapp, D Leach, M Keats 14-33; P Glanville, K Patel, B Powell 7-30; P Onion, C Winter, D Edler 12-15.

Clevedon and District evening league

Nailsea 61 v Clevedon 105

M West, S Arthur, D Edler, J Whitear 10-19; K Patel, S Harris, D Hole, B Powell 4-21; P Miller, D Nicholls, R Chappell, R Griffiths 15-27; D Leach, N Hobson, T Harvey, I Blatchford 15-21; D Topps, D Clark, J Hall, D Flower 17-17.

Weston Knock out Cup

Nailsea 75 v Crusaders 82

J Hall, P Gillard, D Flower 11-19; D Topps, J Prince, R Griffiths 17-18; T Billington, C Winter, B Powell 15-14; P Onion, J Knight, I Blatchford 18-12; D Hole, M Keats, J Whitear 14-19.

North Somerset Bowls Association 4D competition

Nailsea 74 v Burnham 63

Singles: I Blatchford 21-10

Pairs: D Hole, J Whitear 19-20

Triples: D Edler, D Clark, D Flower 14-15

Fours: M West, P Gillard, B Powell, R Griffiths 20-18

Contact Information

John Hall

  • 01275 854195

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Mizzymead Recreation Centre, Mizzymead Rise, Nailsea, Bristol, Somerset, BS48 2JJ